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Our research

Micromégas research is at the interface between soft condensed matter, hydrodynamics and nano-science. It is mostly curiosity driven.
We combine experiments, theory, and molecular simulations to explore the intimate mechanisms of the dynamics of fluid interfaces from the macroscopic down to the molecular level, with applications in the fields of micro- and nano- fluidics, large scale hydrodynamics, material science, complex fluids, and energy harvesting.

The labs

Last paper: microMegascope

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) allows to reconstruct the topography of surface with a resolution in the nanometer range. The exceptional resolution attainable with the AFM makes this instrument a key tool in nanoscience and technology. The core of the set-up relies on the detection of the mechanical properties of a micro-oscillator when approached to a sample to image.

Some pictures...

Hubert Raguet is a french photographer. He was asked to follow few research team and take picture while researcher were working. Hubert Raguet became a member of the team Micromégas for few days and took many picture of us during experimentation, group-meeting, etc.
If you want to see more picture, come to the exposition at ENS rue lhomond!